100% organic balm


One can easily tell apart an organic lip balm from the conventional balms. The latter will usually not heal without leaving behind unsightly stuff on the lips. With, the natural or organic, the healing is complete with nothing left behind. The main distinguishing factor here is the ingredients used. In this article, we are going to look at the organic lip balm in terms of the ingredients used and how they impact on the lips.


Shea butter, coconut oil, sesame seeds among other  easily available home ingredients   have one thing in common: they are  all organic and  are  the ones that are best suited  to be mixed  with wax when one is  making  the lip balm.

Soothing effect

No other kind of lip balm will give you the soothing effect like the one that one gets from the organic  lip balm. This is because the all-natural ingredients will work very well to give you the soothing effect that is not commonly available in other balms.

Smooth lips

If one is looking for smooth lips, then the balm to look for is the one that is organic. The materials making this balm have a way of making the lips smooth in terms of appearance. In this respect, one should invest in the ingredients as mentioned so that the lip balm made from them will keep your lips smooth at all times.


The lips are living just like any other part of the body. This is why they will flake off dead skin cells. They peel all the time in a biological process known as exfoliation. The dead skin is replaced by fresh new skin. If one has used organic lip balm, the lips will exfoliate easily, giving way to fresh and more appealing lips.

Pout, sexy lips

We all want to look sexy and nothing accentuates this appearance than the full lips on which the best lip balm or gloss has been applied. In this respect, one should know what is best for them. The organic is the way to go nowadays as more and more companies discover the changing trends.


The lip balm is not just supposed to improve appearance; it should help the dry, chapped and cracked lip to heal naturally. The inorganic materials will either delay or make the healing even more difficult. This is not the case with the natural-based lip balm. The latter has the components which aiding healing and this means that one will have a quicker healing process than the one for the inorganic or chemical based ones.


The organic one will in most cases be far much cheaper than the inorganic one. The reasoning behind it is very simple. To begin with, the former is made from locally available materials.Secondly, this can easily be made at home and not much is needed in terms of expertise.

On the other hand, the inorganic one is more expensive since the chemicals have to be bought and this could prove more expensive. In essence, one should be able to weigh in on these and make a sound decision.

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