Anti-snoring devices


There are many methods of stopping snoring that have been tested but so far I have never seen one that is as efficient as the anti-snoring devices. This is just but one of the methods that have been in use to stop snoring which many find to be disgusting. The other methods are surgery, medication, palate implants, radio frequency ablation and lifestyle changes. As you can see from all the methods stated above, the use of these devices is the simplest remedy to snoring that you can have. All the others will involve altering of something in your body as it is with surgery, palate implants, radio frequency ablation and medication or a change in your way of life as is with lifestyle changes. In comparison to all the other methods, the use of devices will by all means be the easiest way to stop snoring. What you will need is to get the device of your choice and use it accordingly.

There are a number of anti-snoring devices that are in the market right now. This devices are classified in three major groups, namely nasal devices, oral devices and Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD). These classifications as you can see are according to where the device is inserted. This is also depends on the causative agent of your snore. Nasal devices are made to curb snoring that is as a result of nasal problems. These problems include having a small nostrils and collapsing nostrils. Due to the difficulty in breathing as a result of these two, some people will try mouth breathing which leads to snoring. The only way to stop this is by somehow increasing the size of your nostrils and that is exactly what these nasal devices are meant to do. There are two types of nasal devices namely nasal strips and nasal dilators. The nasal strips are some kind of adhesive which you place on your nose while sleeping. It works by pulling your nostrils apart and hence stops them from narrowing and reducing airflow. The nasal dilators on the other hand are rings which may be made of metal or plastic that are inserted in the nostrils to prevent the nostrils from constricting either as a result of collapsing nostrils or small nostrils.

As mentioned earlier, the main source of snoring is mouth breathing. The oral anti-snoring devices are specifically made to stop this. There are also two types of oral devices i.e. the vestibular shield and the chin strips. The chin strips as you can deduce from the name are worn on the chin to prevent the mouth from opening while sleeping. Different designs have different ways of wearing it. The vestibular shield almost resembles a gum shield and is usually put in the mouth to stop you from breathing through the mouth.

The mandibular advancement device is meant to stop snoring that is as a result of vibrations of the base of the tongue. It almost resembles a vestibular shield but is different in application since its main aim is to stop tongue vibrations.

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