Best lip balm for dry lips in 2016


Lips can manifest or present themselves in several ways. For instance, they could be dry, chapped, cracked or dry. It is the last one that we are concerned with and this generally means that one should find ways to take care of them. The best lip balm for dry lips in 2016 has got to be Glossier.

This is brand name that has literally been on everyone’s lips. There must be something about this lip balm that one should know.

The packaging

Things begin to look up for the best lip balm for dry lips right from the packaging. The packaging is so good that one is tempted to show it off by placing it on the dressing desk the whole day. The manufacturers have put in place a nice packaging that makes you fall in love with the lip balm.

The dry spots

There are those dry spots on the lips which just won’t go. These spots will refuse to go and this means that one has to invest in a good lip balm. The best lip balm for  dry lips will work systematically  on the dry lips, starting  with the dry spots, all the way to  ensure that the lips are uniformly smooth,supple,flesh and delicious. Only this kind of lip balm will assure you that your lips look good all the time.

Cuticle and skin

These two aspects of the lips are important and should therefore be given due consideration. This means that one should have a lip balm which will take care of not only the l skin but the cuticle as well. The Glossier lip balm has been praised as one of the best (if not the best) when it comes to dealing with dry lips.

Natural ingredients

Perhaps what distinguishes the lip balm from all the others is the fact that the Glossier lip balm is made from natural ingredients. This generally means that one will have lanoline sooth, castor oil and bees wax as some of the main ingredients.

The best thing about these ingredients is the fact that they moisturize, condition the skin and also keeps it supple. One can never go wrong with this kind of lip balm, more the reason why one should take time before splashing their money around to buy a lip balm. The brand here means everything and Glossier takes it all in terms of preferred quality when dealing with dry lips.

Hydrating effect

To understand this point better, imagine the lips without moisture. They turn pale-white, crack and lose the lustre. They are not full and neither are they pout. One may not be considered attractive with these kinds of lips, hence the need to hydrate them. The best lip balm for dry lips is the one that will restore the lips back to fullness by hydrating them. The lip balm works by locking in the moisture in the lips so that they look fuller, pout, sexy and more appealing to the eyes. Glossier is one type of lip balm   one should buy.

Hello everyone. I've been studying beauty and in particular lips for years. The stereotypical beauty school drop out....only I never dropped out :) I grew up with very chapped lips and went through countless solutions to try to find a solution. That's where there are sites like this one to help you. Hit me up if you have any questions.

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