Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm


The Burt’s Bees is one of the best examples of tinted lip balm. But exactly what do we mean by the word tinted in this case? Well, it simply means that one can have the lip balm in various colours from neutrals to pinks, plums among many others. What is worth noting is that they tinted lip balm is supposed to be natural.

The brand has hailed for the best choice of the tints and if you are looking for one of these products, then the following are some of the features to expect.

Sweet violet is one of the tubes of the lip balm you will find on the shelf. This 0.15 ounce of the lip balm will readily be available for you to buy. If you like the hints of pink, then there is one that can be availed to you. Why have pink only when a hint of plum is all you need to transform your lips!

The botanical wax and shea butter are some of the ingredients one will expect from the lip balm. These 2 ingredients will be very useful and especially when it comes to the nourishment effect of the lip balm. One should not be left behind when it comes to the choice of the lip balms because the Burt’s Bees is a brand that has transformed lips for years.

Natural lip balms have for the longest time been relied on to ensure the lips remain hydrated and well nourished. Whatever you do, always ensure that lip balm is 100% natural.

Various shades of the tinted lip balm mean that one will be able to choose the kind of colour they like. True to its word, the lip balm from this brand has various shades and one will in fact be spoilt for choice.

Why the colour is important

We all know that the lip balms do not come in one single colour. We also know that people do not have the same appearance on the face or the lips to be more specific. This means that at most, one should have that one shade that distinctively defines them. If for instance one stands out in colour red, then this shade should be available as and when one needs it. The Burt’s Bee is one good brand with the manufacturer having a good understanding of colours.

When it comes to hints on shades, then it is instructive that one gets the ideas from the leading brands. Apart from Burt’s Bees, there are many other brands one can sample from. What is important is that one should be able to distinguish the good from the bad. Of course quality shades are clearly visible from far. One should be careful with shades because not all of them work for every kind of lip. It is instructive that one tries to match the skin tone or colour or the colour with that of the lip balm. The best tinted lip balm will give you a perfect look.

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