Buy empty lip balm tubes


One can easily buy the empty lip balm tubes. There are companies like Bulk Apothecary in US which exclusively make them. They will provide one with the best cans, containers, jar, tubes and tubes. More specifically, one will have the tubes to their liking.

Unused lip balm tubes are the best for anyone who wants to start packaging the balm on their own.  They come in various colour and shapes. For instance, one can have the white coloured ones .In terms of shapes, the choices are many rectangular shaped ones. The question then begs: if you are buying the lip balm tubes today, what are some of the more important features or aspects would you give more attention to?

Clear containers

The first thing is that they should be empty and clear. It is worth noting that the tubes should be this way since one does not want to mix the smell of other products with the lip balm.


These tubes should be of certain sizes. For instance, one can have 0.25 ounce tube for the same purpose. Though the sizes will vary, one should be keen to maintain a uniform size for the tubes.


The empty lip balm tubes should be light so that once one puts in the balm, they maintain a standard weight. If they are bulky, they could be misleading in so many ways. One might think they have lots of balm in the tubes whilst in reality; it could be much less than presumed. The aspect of lightness could also apply where one has to deal with bulk tubes. The ease of carrying them will largely depend on how light they are,

Ease of transport

This has been explained above bit it is important to point out the fact the lighter ones have an ease of transport from the manufacturer to one’s home. If you are buying in bulk, you should consider the issue of weight so that transport becomes easy. In this case, the tubes should be strictly empty and only have the caps alone. One can even consider the labels separately so that the concentration is solely on the tubes.


Nothing beats convenience when it comes to the tubes. If there are made as per one’s liking, then the tubes will enable one to use them without so much hassles. Put convenience an s a priority because it will basically mean that one does not have to look for other features. It will have all the things ones needs for the use every day.


In conclusion, one will find that these tubes should have some desired qualities like the capacity. They should hold just the right amount of the balm one needs but at the same time, they should not overfill or be less than what is standard.

It is important that one pays attention to the details when shipping the tubes because if one is buying in bulk, the prior arrangements ought to have been made to avert a possible problem regarding the tubes.

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