Buying lip balm containers wholesale


The demand for the lip balm containers is ever on the rise. This could be attributed to the fact that more and more people are finding it necessary to use lip balm on daily basis. If you are intending to use the containers, then buying in bulk or wholesale seems the most plausible thing to do.

Types of containers

There are many such types of containers one can buy for your lip balm product line. Start with the plastic jars as they are hugely popular nowadays. One can get the various sizes of the jars depending on the packaging that they need. The Apothecary jars are made from a company known as the bulk apothecary. The company has made forays into the business of making the containers

Plastic bottles are also on the rise as the medium of packaging the lip balm. One can opt for the plastic ones as they are highly affordable and convenient to carry. Plastic bottles are sally very light and easy to transport.

One can also consider the glass bottles. These are easy to clean, not to mention that they are easy to clean.


Still not done on the issue of the containers, one can have tins as well .They is made in various shapes and sizes to suit your needs.

Factors to consider

As a starting point, one will need to know a few factors about the containers. Price is one of the most important issues which affect the choice of the containers to be used. One should go for the ones that are within one’s budget.

Specialty is yet another consideration one has to make and especially bearing in mind the fact that one can have lip blam, lip balm box, holder and so on. There are many specialties that one can indulge in so long as one knows what they are looking for.


The choice of the packaging is another aspect altogether. One will choose either the metal, plastic or the glass ones. The choice will depend on one’s preference.


These packaging materials come in different dimensions so one should choose   the correct dimensions depending on how wants the packaging to look like. There are many packaging dimensions that are available for one to pick.


It is important to have the right capacity of the packaging materials. In essence, one can have the capacity in ounces.

Buying the clear, empty containers

The containers are supposed to be clear and empty at the same time. This is important bearing in mind that what one is putting inside them is fresh and should therefore be fresh, not tainted. The tubes are perhaps the more popular options when it comes to the packaging.

In conclusion, one should be conscious of the role that the packaging plays in getting the product line moving and the winning formula is the use of the lip balm packaging material. It is all that one needs to have in mind.

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