Curing sleep apnea


You have finally known that all the snoring and tiredness are as a result of sleep apnea and now it is time to get it out of your life. Depending on the specific type of this disorder that you may be suffering from, it may be very easy to get back to your normal life or somehow complicated. Unless you choose to remain with it, this is a condition that should not trouble you at all because most cases are known to be treatable. There are even home remedies which you can take are known to be as effective as doctors treatment. In fact, most cases will just require you to work it out on your own. Save for the conditions that will require surgery, all the others can be eliminated by following simple instructions of which most can be found online. The most important thing is the diagnosis.

Starting with the mildest forms of sleep apnea, involving blockage of nasal airway, this can be easily treated by ensuring that the airway is always open by eliminating the blockage. If for example the blockage is as a result of the tongue falling back in the nasal passage, it would be advisable to check on your sleeping position. In this case, you will be advisable to totally avoid sleeping on your back because it is by the action of gravity that the tongue falls back, causing the blockage.

There are also cases of apnea as a result of lax muscles and tissues around the air way. One of the main reason for these is overweight. This is usually associated with increase in tissues around the throat which usually is a threat to the air passage. While sleeping, the increased tissues will exert more pressure on the windpipe which may force it to collapse. The other causative agents are alcohol and sedatives. The use of this two will make muscles to relax to an extent that they may not be able to support their normal functionality. This will generally lead to collapsing of the air way. To avert this, you will have to use these two or any other drugs associated with this effect. You will also need to work out to cut out some tissues if you are overweight. This will also help in building the muscles around the air passage.

It is almost always about keeping your air passage open during sleep. There are devices which have also been made to that effect. These devices will help you keep your air passage open. They are especially helpful if the blockage comes within the mouth and nose regions. Depending on the affected part, you may need either an oral or a nasal device. If there are other forms of blockages, e.g. as a result of allergies and sinuses, you will need to consult your doctor on the best way to tackle this. For blockages involving areas that are not accessible e.g. the throat, you may need to undergo a surgery to remove the blockage. Just remember that apnea is curable, the most important thing is to know how.

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