Forget About Lip Gloss and Go for the Best Lip Balm Instead



Dry and chapped lips, an outcome of little or no moisturizing, are not desirable which is why lip balms are a must have. There are, however, varieties of different brands in the market and choosing the best lip balms can be overwhelming. Using high quality lip balms will lead to well-moisturized, glossy and healthy lips. On the other hand, low quality products can dry out the lips and cause flaking and peeling. What follows is a simple guide to help you in making the right choice:


A lip balm is a compound of ingredients. Such ingredients may consist of a moisturizer such as beeswax or Vaseline, humectants which improve on water retention such as glycerin, sunscreen, coconut oil and cocoa butter for softening the lips.

The best lip balms will more often than not contain natural ingredients, which are delicate on the skin. You should keep in mind that the ingredients are directly ingested into the body. Too many chemicals can then prove harmful in the long term. Some ingredients such as petroleum, alum, camphor and menthol, which dry out the lips quickly, should be avoided.

Decide on a flavor

Everyone has a favorite smell and there are varieties of flavors to choose. If you have not yet settled on a particular one, you should experiment to find the most appealing. Such flavors include cherry, strawberry and grape. A flavored lip balm makes using it a fun experience.

Consider the packaging

The importance of a lip balm’s container should not be overlooked as it dictates how a lip balm will be applied. Lip balms come in different containers such as a small jar, a squeeze tube or a stick with a tube. The varieties in the market are plenty and one should take time and decide what ultimately works for them.

Be price conscious

The beauty care industry is big on brands. More established companies with a recognizable brand may sell their products at a higher price than small companies. However, the benefits will more often than not be the same. The best lip balms should essentially cater to your concerns at an affordable price, so do not dismiss the cheaper ones in the market.

Read customer’s reviews

Chances are the lip balms you are considering between have been bought before by other consumers. Magazines, online forums and the manufacturer’s website can all be good sources of such information. Review what other people are saying about the specific lip balms and draw a comprehensive conclusion to act as a guide.

Added benefits

Be conscious of the differences between lip balms. The best lip balms should offer extra features other than the basic ones. Such features include soothing, healing and rejuvenating properties and sunscreen protection. Consider your needs and look for lip balms that cater to them.

The best lips balms should ideally hydrate and moisturize. The market has plenty of affordable and quality lip balms and thus, there is no reason you shouldn’t have healthy and hydrated lips.


Hello everyone. I've been studying beauty and in particular lips for years. The stereotypical beauty school drop out....only I never dropped out :) I grew up with very chapped lips and went through countless solutions to try to find a solution. That's where there are sites like this one to help you. Hit me up if you have any questions.

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