Fresh sugar lip balm reviews


The review of 3.5 out of the possible 5 in the ratings and the reviews of over 7,000 at the Sephora’s   website is a clear indication that the sugar lip balm is indeed in a class of its own. It basically means that this product has won the hearts of many people who are trying to get the best of lip balms in the market.

SPF 15

The sunscreen factor of 15 in the product is one of the highlights of the product and as one will discover, it helps   protect the lips from damage attributed to the rays of the sun.

There is the issue of the fragrance and the protecting factor of UV-light. Of course the latter should be present thought not guaranteed in all the products going by the same name. The manufacturers have updated their site and cleared the air over the UV protection. Thought the ingredients making the fresh sugar lip balm may be lacking in this protective aspect, it does not mean that one will necessary lose on the other advantages.


Those who have written the reviews have pointed out the fact that this product is ever fresh, which is a positive attribute to say the least. It basically means that one will be applying an ever fresh lip balm on the lips. It may tend to be over-fragranced in some cases and one needs to be cautious and especially if not for the excessive fragrance.

Ultra nourishing

The fresh sugar lip balm has the ultra nourishing attribute that you will not find in many other lip balm varieties.


There are many flavours one can sample with the favourite among the reviewers being the citrus one. You can simply take one and write a review on your experience.

Chapped lips

If you have suffered from chapped lips, you will love to read the reviews of the other previous users who have had their lips healed from the chapping effect. Either cold weather or other unrelated factors could in one way or another lead to the persistent problem of chapping lips. The lip balm has been found by the majority of the reviewers to be very effective in treating the condition. One should not hesitate getting the lip balm and especially if they want to find a quick solution to the problem.


There are demos which are conducted on how to use the fresh sugar lip balm. These are hugely popular as they show one how to apply the lip balm as well as its efficacy. If you would like to watch the demos and give your opinion, then go ahead and log online. You will find the demos quite helpful and might as well change your perception about the product.


Do not miss out on the swatches as they make a big part of the reviews on the lip balm. In the long run, one will find that there is much one can gain from the reviews.

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