Guide to Getting Rid of Acne via Face Wash


Acne is one of the major concerns of teenagers, and about 90 percent of people suffer from acne during their teenage years. Though there are several products available to treat Acne still getting rid of acne is very tough task and it makes several individuals feel uncomfortable and embarrassed.

Causes of Acne: Acne is a blocked pore, and sometimes in some individuals the acne affects severely. The cause of acne could be anything, including:

  • Pore opening might get blocked
  • Sometimes human body produces excess sebum, it is a substance in the pores
  • A consolidation of both factors, including pore blockage and excess sebum

Many individuals want to know how to get rid of acne easily and how to get the smooth and clear skin. The answer is simple, use the right face wash to unblock the pores on the face. Sometimes, though you are washing your face every morning and night, you still may get acne and you might me wondering why the pores are still clogged. One of the reasons could be that you are not using the right face wash or perfect strategy. Before that, you must know exactly what the real cause of your skin condition is. The next step is, take control of acne using right cleansing products, hormone pills, and diet. The other best thing to do is drink lots of liquids that can help you improve your skin conditions.

CLEANSING – Getting Rid of Acne via Face Wash:

  • The best practice is, wash your face often with best face wash product, and wash your face before going to bed. Washing face frequently helps you prevent a breakout, if you are too tired or lazy to wash, then use cleansing wipes.


  • Wash your face at least for 30 to 45seconds with a best face wash or cleanser, it takes nearly 45 seconds to clean the oil and dirt off of your face.


  • Use warm or lukewarm water when you wash your face. Remember, don’t use either hot water or cold water to wash your face because cold water wouldn’t open up the pores and hot water dries out the skin.


  • Wash your face gently with face wash. Hard scrubbing can make your skin red and rough. Apply to the face wash and gently rub the face smoothly, if you rub it hard, it may cause skin irritation. Wash your hands thoroughly before washing your face, otherwise, through your hands the acne-causing dirt and oil may transfer to face quickly.


  • Use the face wash lather and clean your hands first, this process activates the ingredients and offers more effectiveness when it is applied to your face.


  • Remember to wash your face in the morning always. There is a possibility of getting an unwanted compounds transfer to your face through the pillowcase. That is why cleaning your face in the morning can help you avoid pores blocking.


  • If you wear a makeup, then clean your face with a cleansing brush because even after washing your face with water, the makeup still remains on your skin and this can cause breakouts. Using a cleansing brush can help you clean deeper into your skin.


  • Remember, do not over wash your face, even if your skin feels oily, instead of over washing, try acetic cleanser.


  • Remove the dead skin cells layers and dirt that are actually blocking the pores of your skin. Exfoliate can restore the natural glow. Once you wash your face with face wash, pat it dry, and you can see the clear, smooth and beautiful face and it can help you control acne forever.

Problems with Facial Cleaning Products

Unfortunately, some facial products, instead of cleansing these products actually deposits ingredient that can cause skin irritation. In some face wash products contains the Mineral oil as one of the main ingredients which can cause more acne. Avoid products if you see mineral oil as its main ingredient. Because, mineral oil is petroleum product and it may contain a toxic substance that can cause skin irritation and damage to the skin. Also, mineral oil blocks the skin pores.

Value your skin Type:

Make sure to use a face wash that suits your skin type. You can find the face wash products according to your skin type, including dry skin, extra dry skin, oily skin, or normal skin. If you get a mild product, it may not remove the dirt and oil completely, and if you get a very strong product, it may cause irritation and scars your skin. That is why it is important to know your skin type before buying a face wash product.

Tauten Your Skin Pores

Use warm water to wash your face; it opens the pores of your skin. Once you clean your face with warm water, splash cold water on your face. This process can tighten the pores and protects your skin from dirt and stops the dirt enter into your skin.

Swamp Away:

Satisfactory washing includes gentle swamping to get rid of dead skin cells, which are the main reason for clogging pores. Do not swamp sensitive or infuriate skin. Here you can find several helpful methods to get rid of dead skin cells:

Wash your face frequently with warm water, use the best washcloth. Every time when you clean your face, use a fresh washcloth, it helps you avoid spreading bacteria. Do not use fabric softener on your face towel. Fabric softeners contain chemicals and when you use it, it leaves a chemical layer on your face cloth or towel. It is always a better practice to use the natural or organic laundry detergent products if you want to get rid of acne forever.

According to your skin type exfoliate regularly, and use only natural face wash to avoid irritant skin and to remove dead skin cells.

These are some of the tips that can help you get rid of acne effortlessly, and help you get beautiful, smooth skin by reducing sebum production. The best face wash product can avoid pores blocking and helps you get rid of acne.


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