Harmful effects of lipstick


It is not all rosy as we are made to believe about the lipstick. Though it is one of the tools of beauty for women, it has many harmful effects that are unbeknown to many. By highlighting these effects, one will exercise caution when using it.

Lead in lipstick

The lip stick manufacturer will not tell you but there is lead in most of the lipsticks that we use ad this could have adverse effect on one’s health.

Other harmful chemicals include the iron oxide and titanium oxide. These and many other chemicals could lead to serious health conditions like cancer.


It is true that the lipstick contains a chemical known as formaldehyde. This chemical not only causes irritation, it is also known to cause general weakness in the body.

In a bid to make one look beautiful, the manufacturers of the product have continued to include potentially harmful chemical compounds into it and f in the long run, this could continue to expose one to dangers of varying proportions.

Effect on the skin

The skin is usually the biggest culprit here and especially because the lipstick is applied on the skin. This product is absorbed directly into the skin. With continued usage, one ends up with the aforementioned conditions like cancer.

Coal tar is one other toxic substance that one will find in the red lipstick. If the chemical is accidentally swallowed, one will have nausea, skin irritation and headache to name but a few.

There are carcinogenic colours which are also referred to as lake colours. These are water soluble dyes which have been found to cause certain kinds of cancers as well as irritate the skin.

 The fragrances which are used to enhance the product have also been found to cause inflammation as well as cracking of the lips.

What one needs to know about this product?

It is important that one watches careful what type of the product one is using and whether they are certified. Using the safety standards in the making of this product will greatly reduce the amount of risk involved. The product made by a company which has flouted the safety standards should be avoided at all costs.

Know the right ingredients

If possible, one should be familiar with the ingredients used to make it. Mostly, it is made from the beeswax and essential oils. Any other additional ingredients should be sanctioned so that one should be aware what it contains.

This will serve as a safeguard against the harmful effects associated with the various compounds as discussed above.

In the long run, the health of the user is at stake and this basically means that one should be assured of the highest safety standards. One should be aware what harmful compound to avoid and which one to use. This is the only way one will look beautiful and at the same time, free from danger.

Beauty does not come easily and one should therefore be vigilant about the product they use.

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