Home- made lip balm


Who said that one has to buy lip balm for the dry, flaky, cracked and chapped lips? Well, if you have been planning to spend a fortune on the lip balm, save your cash and get the lip balm made at home. It is far much cheaper and works just as good as the one sold online. All that one need is to look for the best ingredients for the home-made ones.

Beeswax is one of the foremost lip balm ingredients one should have by their side and especially bearing in mind the fact that it is ubiquitous. Coconut oil and shea butter are mixed together with the beeswax and all of them are put in boiling water so that the wax melts.

Once the wax has melted, the pan is supposed to be removed from the heat, though the water should be keep hot so that the wax remains in the melted state. There are essential oils that one can then add to the mixture and there you will have the home-made lip balm that will work very effectively. As you will have noticed, all these materials are highly affordable and readily available at the same time. One also gets the option to choose the essential oils that they like. For instance, you can have peppermint.

How to add the peppermint oil

If you have made up your mind this is the oil you would like to use for your lip balm, the next thing that you will need to do is to know how to add it. The balm will be out in a tube and then one will add the essential oil using a pipette. Some people use a dropper which is perfectly in order.

What is worth  noting is that one should know is that when adding this oil, the process should be executed as fast as possible to prevent the mixture from hardening before the  oil gets time to mix well with it.

Before one caps the balm, the cooling should be allowed to take place at room temperature, when the last drop has hardened, then the next thing would be to cap it and store in readiness for next use.

 The thickness of the lip balm varies depending on one’s preference but as one will find out it is possible to vary the thickness using the beeswax. If for instance you want the mixture to be thicker, then all that you will need to is to add extra spoons of the wax; otherwise one needs to reduce the wax to have smoother balm.

Making imitation products need not necessary be a hard task. This is purely a diy thing that will have your creative juices flowing and at the same time, you will have soft, smooth and fleshy lips that are completely free from the dryness that characterize many lips.

Save yourself from the extra cost of buying the balms in the stores online by making one for your own. It will not take you long and the ingredients are readily available.

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