How to apply lip liner


Applying lip liner is not as easy s most people think. It is a technique which even the more experienced persons find a bit challenging. However, following these simple techniques will make you a pro.

Preparing the lips

This is done by exfoliating the lips. Though this is optionl, one will find it quite convenient to do so.  There are 2 schools of thought in regard to exfoliating. One opposes it on the basis that it causes some tears on the lips since this involves scrubbing it vigorously to remove the dead skin.

The other Scholl of thought contends that this is indeed a healthy way to set the lips for lip liner application.  This is so especially so where the lips have flakes on them which need to be removed. Whichever way you look at it, there is need to have healthy lips.

The next step is of course the moisturizing of the lips. The lips need to be moist and this calls for the use of the moisturizer balm which has been found to be the best way to go about it. This works well for the smooth lips but if the lips are cracked, and then one would have it rough. The chapped and dry lips as well make it difficult to effect the same since one is not able to apply the lip liner in those affected areas.

Drying of the balm

Once this moisturizing balm has been applied, it has to be given a period of time to dry. The standard time agreed in most cases is 20 minutes. This should be done so that the balm dries completely, only then will one be able to proceed to the nest step. Many people do not have the patience to wait for this period of time. This ideally means that one can dab the extra balm using paper towel or a dry, clean towel. It will reduce the amount of the balm and enable one to effectively go to the next step.


Once again, this is not a must and in some cases, one may skip this step. The primer is applied to enable the lips to become smooth. If one does not want to use the primer, one will have the option of using either the Concealer or the foundation. The advantage of the   latter 2 is that they are very effective in giving the lips the shape.

Liner colour

The colour of the liner should be chosen. One can either have the soft pink or the natural. The choice will largely depend on the individual but ideally, it should be that one should be able to pick the colour that best complement them.

Sharpening the liner

The lip liner needs to be sharpened before using it is the best way to use it. This helps one to bring out the best colour.

Warming the liner is perhaps another way of getting the smoothest of the colour from the liner. One should run it on the hand so that it becomes warm.

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