How to make beeswax lip balm


As we are well aware, beeswax lip balm could be very expensive to buy. Many people find it more economical to make it using home based ingredients and indeed this is the way to go. In this article, we are going to look at the ways in which this can conveniently be done.


There are up to 4 ingredients that one will need. The grated bees wax is the first, followed by almond oil and honey, vitamin E oil   and essential oil. These should be obtained on time in readiness for the second step which is the melting. Please note that the ingredients should be measured in drops, grams and teaspoonfuls depending on the quantity that one is preparing.


The wax should be melted in a double boiler whilst at the same time; it should be stirred so that it melts uniformly. You are now set for the making of the beeswax lip balm.


The other ingredients mentioned above should be added as the case may be so that in the end, one will have the scents that they desire.  The essential oils given above are not cast in stone. This means that one can vary them from lemon to tangerine. Tea tree oil and peppermint are other viable options one can go for depending on the results one may like.

The hardening or the softening of the solution will largely depend on the amount of beeswax one has used. If for instance one wants  the beeswax lip balm to be hard, then less  of the bees wax will be used and if needed softer, then one should add the bees wax. The vitamin E will also be useful in making the hard beeswax solution soft once again. Simply add a few drops and keep stirring as it cooks.


Once it is ready, the beeswax lip balm is put in containers. Here, skill is needed when putting it there so that it does not begin to set up. In essence, one should do it as quickly as possible. It should not overfill in the respective tubes hence one need to use the special medicine droppers or turkey Basters which allow the lip balm to enter the lip balm tubes without overfilling and spilling. It should be done through squirting.


Once it has been poured into the tubes, it should be allowed to cool before one can put the covers or lids over them.


One will find that the lip balm should be stored in sealed containers for around 90 days and away from direct sunlight. This is because it will likely to start melting and will not be suitable for use.

The other issues one should address include the colour, consistency and smell. Understandably, these are the key areas one should watch for. If the consistency changes, then one should know automatically that something is wrong right from the time of the storage. The beeswax lip balm should have a constant and consistent colour, thickness and smell.

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