Lip balm collection as a hobby


There are those of us who would ordinarily be considered to be lip balm collection aficionados.  They love to collect any type of lip balms they come across. It is fun to have a wide collection of lip balms so that one can snap and share them online through uploading. The youtube is one place where one can upload the collections for others to see and encourage others to share theirs too.

Childhood collections till now!

One can start the lip balm collection right from the time one was a kid to adulthood. If you started this hobby as a kid and are now over 40 year old for instance, you will have thousand s of lip balms to show off. Do not dispose them off and instead, just log in the youtube and upload the video of the various collections that you have managed to collect along the way.

It is a rather interesting way to share one’ experiences and at the same time, learn from others what they have in store. This will greatly help and especially in acquiring what others have and you don’t have.

Start a blog

What may start as a hobby may actually turn out to be serious business. Let’s say that you have a lip balm collection of about 1,000 different types of lip balms. It is possible that you have in your collection, some types that are not in the market any more. If for any reason other people want to know about them, you will post them in your personal blog and share the exciting details about the particular lip balms. For those who may have cherished but did not have a chance to buy them, they will contact you and you may consider offloading some of your vintage collections at a princely sum. It is not in vain to be a lip balm collector after all!

Collections by the year

The older the collection, the more they will fetch when you decide to sell them on your blog. You may therefore decide to share them in terms of the years such that you can have the lip balm collection for the year 1990. People love vintage things and unfortunately, we don’t currently have many blogs on lip balms, so this would be your best bet and break at the same time. Go ahead and create vintage collection and make a youtube video of the same online. You will be surprised by the ripple effect that it will create among the lovers of the lip balms.

Let people know the lip balm made you feel when you first bought it and how you have managed to maintain it in its refreshing colour, taste and consistency. Understandbly, many people are not able to take care of their lip balms for long, so your video or blog will shed more light on how to go about it.

In conclusion, the collection of the lip balms is a good venture for anyone who loves the lip balms for keeps.

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