Lip tint vs. Lip stick


Many people tend to confuse the lip tint from the lip stick. Yet these two terms mean different things. The lip stain or tint has the consistency of ink and tends to go deep into the skin as compared to the lip stick. The latter is thicker and in most cases, it is meant for superficial application. The differences do not end there as we shall find out.

Lip tint lasts longer than the lip stick

It is a well known fact the tint has a longer life than the lip stick. This has got much to do with the explanation given above. The colour of the tint will sink lower into the lip and hold for longer than the lip stick. The latter has to be applied at constant rates just so as to maintain it for long


No damage

The lip tint is not known to cause any known damage to the lips. This is in wide contrast to some shades of lipsticks which have been shown to cause undesirable effects on the lips. One should in particular be cautious about the ingredients used in some of the lip sticks in use today.

Do not rub off when kissed

We have seen it happen. One person kisses you and removes all the lip stick on the lips! Thesis what happens with most of the lipsticks. The same thing cannot be said about the lip tint in that it is kiss-proof. In other words, it will not come off when kissed. The reasoning is that it is ink-like and will sink to the lower layers of the lips and hence be in tact after being kissed. This means that it will last long before one applies another one.


Compared to the lip stick, the lip tint is one that has a better taste. This is because it is not made from various ingredients which could potentially affect its taste; it is basically tasteless, which is several times better than the taste of wax and a plethora of other ingredients. If you want to taste your lips all the time, you will do yourself a great favour by using the tint instead of the lip stick.

Doesn’t smudge on teeth

The lipstick could at times embarrass you by settling on the teeth during application. This could happen without your knowledge and this has much to do with the nature of the materials making it. The lip tint on the other hand is made in such a way that there is no way it could find its way to your teeth unless   you deliberately apply it on the teeth!


This may appear like glorification of the lip stain but the truth of the matter is that it is more natural than the lipstick. This has much to do with the colours used to make it. They tend to match the lips better and make them appear as natural as possible. The lipstick appears artificial in most cases.

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