Long-wearing best lip gloss


There was a time one would apply lip gloss to last a whole evening after application. There are a number of tests one can carry out to determine if the best lip gloss would indeed last for a long time.

Finding the colour that doesn’t dry the lips is one of the best ways to get the lip gloss that holds up best. There are those which cause the lips to dry and one should be cautious when using them.

Moisture levels

The best lip gloss is one that holds up moisture but one should expect that there are those that cause parching. The cannoli test would be a good bet, though not many places one will find the test being carried out.

Heat and humidity

One should subject the best lip gloss to heat to see if it loses colour or not. The smudges and smears resorting from the steaming pot is the first warning shot that all is not well with the lip gloss one is testing. Ordinarily, the heat should be strong enough to withstand even the most heat subjected to it.


Do you want to know if you have just stumbled on the best lip gloss? Try eating with the lip gloss and then see what happens. The reality on the ground is that the lip gloss should not come out or fade when it comes to comes into contact with the food. One should  check after eating a meal if  the colour of the lip gloss is present; if so, then one can consider  it out as it will not hold up for long.

Glass test

One will also test the colour from the wine glasses. Through the wine tasting, one will easily notice if the colour is rubbing on the glass; once again, if the colour of the glass rubs on the glass, it is not long lasting and should not be seriously considered in the circumstances. Go on sipping and checking on the rims of the wine glasses for dripping colour.

Using the napkin

The napkin test is one of the best tests one carry out to determine if a lip gloss will hold up. By kissing it, one should look if it leaves the kiss right there; if it kisses off, then one just lost some money on the lipstick they probably paid a fortune for.

Of all these tests, one will be able to zero in on the ones which will have withstood the test of time. In the long run, one will need to carry out a thorough search for the one that will last longer. This is indeed important and especially if one is looking for value for money.

The lip gloss should be one that lasts long enough. This does not mean that one should look at the monetary aspect of the lip gloss but other things like quality mad longevity.

In conclusion, one should work towards getting the best lip gloss in the market.

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