Making lip gloss at home


One of the most important aspects of beauty is lip gloss and it is notable that more and more women are opting to make at home rather than buy. Making one at home seems to be pretty easy and for those who would like to learn how to go about it, then the is how to go about it.

Getting the ingredients

Before anything else, one will need to have all the ingredients. You don’t want to start the last minute dash when it starts hardening and you do not have the essential oil at standby for instance. The ingredients in question include among others bees wax, shea butter and essential oils like vitamin E. One can also have almond oil to complement the other oils.


The above ingredients will need to be mixed in various containers, hence the need to have the necessary containers ready.

Melting the wax

The first thing in making the lip gloss is melting the wax. Usually, this is done in a double boiler. The heat from the double boiler causes the wax to melt, hence presenting the best liquid wax solution for adding the other ingredients. In this case, one will add the shea butter, vitamin E and the almond oil.

If there is need to break a piece of lipstick in the pot, then one can always use a toothpick. If it starts to harden, then one will be required to find a way of ensuring that it does not happen before mixing all the ingredients.

The penultimate step is now pouring the hot mixture in another container. This is now the lip gloss which is even ready to be poured in tubes, ready for use. The procedure is that simple and the last step in this case would be to allow it to set.

Of course there are 6 main ways in which one can make the lip gloss   and though some of the steps are generalized here, one should know them stepwise. For purposes of those who would love to know and enjoy doing it at home, please note the following.

Once you have gotten the materials or ingredients ready, you are on to the next step of heating the wax. The oils are added as the third step before flavouring the oils. This step was not included in the earlier steps but it is important to point that the flavours are necessary so that one can give offer nice scent from the lips after application.

There are various flavours available and this would mean that one should choose the one that best complements one‘s personality.

Colour addition is necessary. As we are well aware, the lip stick or gloss comes in various colours. One should in this respect add the colour that best complements them. For examp0le, red is a good colour for most skins. There is purple, brown and so on.

 The last step is to add the gloss in the containers ready for application.

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