Sleep apnea


Have you been experiencing tired days even while light work days? You may not know it but there is a high possibility that you have sleep apnea. Most people will have this condition without even knowing it. You may go for months or even years trying to second guess on what hit you and you may never get it right because other than tiredness and snoring, it does not have any other symptom. It is also hard for doctors to know that this is the cause of your condition because there is no test that will reveal it. The only person who can save you from this predicament maybe your roommate if you have any because they are the guys who listen to you while you are sleeping and may therefore know your sleeping behaviors. This is the only source of clue that you may get for a person who has this condition.

So what is sleep apnea? This is a common disorder that is associated with shallow breathing or short pauses in breathing in your sleep. The main reason that it cannot be easily identified as the cause of your woes is because it only happens in your sleep. The breath pauses are not the type that will cause you to suffocate since they last for some few minutes or seconds. They may occur several times within a short period before normal breathing resumes. Sometimes, a loud snort or some chocking sound maybe a sign of resuming normal breathing pattern. Since this is a chronic condition, it will continue affecting you until it is discovered and cured.

Although it may have other severe consequences, the main problem with sleep apnea is the poor quality of sleep that is associated with it. Due to the exhausting activities that we usually subject our bodies to throughout the day, it is usually advised to get total rest once in a while and that once in a while is when we sleep. Deep sleep is the main source of rest that a human body has and should not be tampered with at all costs. Unfortunately that is exactly what this disorder does. When one falls into shallow breathing or even when you encounter a pause in your breath, the body tends to shift from deep sleep to light sleep. Depending on how often this is done, you may wake up as tired as you slept. This will obviously affect your work output during the day and may also result to drowsiness.

There are two kinds of this disorder i.e. obstructive and central sleep apnea. The obstructive type is usually caused by an obstructed air passage way. There are many ways of achieving this and hence is the most common type. The central type as from its name is associated with the central nervous system. In this case, the part of the brain that sends signals to your breathing muscles is the affected lot which leads to incorrect signals and hence and abnormal sleep pattern. Each of these conditions are usually tackled differently.

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