Snoring as a health hazard and its causes


Apart from the usually disturbances that come as a result of the resulting noise, most people will brush off snoring as a normal occurrence that one should not be worried of. The truth of the matter is that it should worry you as much as any other abnormal occurrence in your body. This is because there is nothing normal with vibrating tissues in your respiratory system. This should even be treated with more concern if it is something that has not been happening to you. You should always know that your body has different ways of communicating and this is one of them. It may be an indicator to some serious problem of which an earlier realization may help.

Before we can look at the health hazards, it will be good to know the causes of snoring. Luckily for us, it is never that complicated at this stage. You can easily identify the source even if you are not a medical practitioner. You just need to have good ears and be observant. The main cause has always been a blocked nasal passage. There are many conditions that can lead to this, some medical like sinuses and allergies and others structural like collapsing nostrils and other deformities. Although a blocked nasal passage may be the cause, the source of noise is always the mouth. It becomes a causative agent as it results to mouth breathing and hence the snore.

All the other blockages in the airway fall in this second category of the causative agents. One of them is the throat tissues. Throat tissues and muscles can block the airway to cause snoring. A poor muscle tone will lead to relaxed muscles which may be a problem to the airway. This is usually caused by poor sleep hygiene, alcohol or sedatives. These can also affect the tongue muscles bringing forth the same effect. Bulky throat tissues that are usually as a result of being overweight can also block the airway in the same way as poor muscle tone. Aging can also lead to a poor muscle tone and/or bulky throat tissues. The soft palate and the uvula can also cause narrowing of the passage if they grow beyond their normal lengths. These are the type of snoring that will require medical attention to be solved as they will mostly require shortening of the affected member.

The effects of snoring spread out to other persons within vicinity. It will not affect the involved party alone but also those sleeping around him. This is especially so when it comes to achieving the sole purpose of sleeping. One of the main effects is interrupted sleeping. The snorer may not notice it but it also affects them. As a result of this, the required deep sleep for total rest will be replaced by light sleep which will eventually translate to poor quality of life. Due to the blocked passage ways, the involved person will also experience interruptions in breathing. The poor breathing pattern also translates to other things like straining of the heart and high blood pressure as the oxygen concentration in the body also reduces.

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