Top five ways to stop snoring


We all never know that we are actually snoring when we are sleeping, but your partner knows it perfectly. We recognize that the snoring sounds like a power saw, however, before you blame someone in the house; let’s find out why we snore when sleeping.

Snoring is actually a signal showing that there are problems with the body health. It can be sign that there is something blocking the windpipe which prevent oxygen to process to the brain. In serious cases, snoring is also known as sleeping apnea. If you have healthy airways, the muscles in between the nose and noise box loosen up and the air continues pass through. When the airways are narrowed, the body will work harder in order to push air. This result in the throat vibrates and produces snoring sound.

The reason why you snore

There are numerous reasons why some people snore when sleeping and finding the cause is very beneficial to stop it. The common reason is being overweight; when you have excess weight in the body, the fatty issue may end up blocking the nose and throat which is the air pathway. While some people with excess weight have the high chance to snore, some other people are just prone to snore just because they normally have smaller air passage. If you are under medication and alcohol or you are a smoker; you will find that snoring is a common issue. This happens because those three factors lead to muscle relaxing and as the muscles relax; it will likely to vibrate when sleeping. Another cause of snoring is age; the throat becomes narrower as you age. This results in deeper voice but this also means the air passages are getting narrower which prone to snoring. In addition, sleeping position can also become the reason why you snore. For example if you sleep on your back, the tongue is relaxed in the back side of the throat which can lead to blocking of the airways. This is why people who sleep on their back have worse snoring noise than those who sleep on another position.

  1. Your diets may affect the snoring


Since weight also plays main role in causing snore noise; this also means that your diet is also matter. When you gain a few pounds, this could lead to snoring issue due to the fatty tissue blocking the throat and nose. If the main cause of your snoring is due to being overweight, the best thing to stop it is change the diet. There are numerous healthy eating diets and plans that you can do to loose some weight and also the chance to stop snoring. Following the healthy diet is also very beneficial to boost the immune system. You will likely to have stronger body and less suffering from flu and colds and the nose can remain unblocked.

Tips for stop snoring

Since snoring can be a serious issue if it is not properly handled; it is very important to find a way to stop snoring. Here are some tips that you can do to stop snoring.

2. Quit smoking


– you may have heard like from everyone about how much smoking can affect your health in short and long term. If you still do not want to stop smoking and you also snore when sleeping; you may need to give deep thought about it. There is likely no better time than the present to quit smoking if you snore. Quitting smoking does not only affect your health in a good way but also reduce the snoring amount. Yes, it also gives you other health benefits.

Additional information, smoking is somehow irritates the tissues in the nose and throat area. If your nose is irritated due to smoking, you get more vibration around the throat and nose. When you quit smoking, the irritation will also go away and give you more peaceful sleeping. However, quit smoking does not only beneficial for prevent snoring but also promotes better health.

3. Sleeping position


As aforementioned before, sleeping position also becomes one of the causes of your snoring. If you sleep in your back, the tongue is relaxed in the back of the mouth and prone to blocking the air pathway. When this happens, the air struggles to pass and result in vibration in tongue and throat. Try sleeping on your side or front to avoid snoring. But, what if you keep rolling on your back? Some experts suggest to tape some tennis ball on the back, therefore, when you roll on your back you will feel uncomfortable and then you will get back to sleep on your side.

4. Build the throat and tongue muscles


Snoring can be considered as the tongue issue which fall in the back side of the mouth that cause blocking. Tongue exercise can help strengthen the muscles and can be a way to stop snoring. You do not need to join any gym for this exercise; just some moth and tongue exercise at home is enough.

5. Loose weight


As aforementioned above, over weight can the main cause of snoring. If perhaps you do have some extra weight, loose some weight can be a good solution to stop the nocturnal sound. Follow healthy life such as no smoking, healthy diet, minimal alcohol consumption, regular exercise, and the like will help you loose some weight. There are plenty healthy diet plans and weight loss exercise that you can follow for an attempt to loose weight. If you have maintained the ideal weight, you will likely also have wider air pathway in the nose and throat.

Try sleeping anti-snoring aid

If any above tips do not work for you; you may want to try sleeping anti-snoring aid. There are numerous sleeping aids or anti snoring devices which may work for you such as pillows or physical devices to out in the mouth. It comes in various shapes, price ranges, and also brands. It is better to have a consultation first with your doctors to decide which anti snoring devices which works best for you. In addition, there are also medications which can also stop snoring but, still you need to get a consultation first.



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