What causes dry lips?


One the most frequently asked questions by people is on exactly what brings about the dry lips. The truth of the matter is that there is not one single factor that is responsible for this but a number of them. In this article, we are going to look at the few factors which contribute to the problem.

The weather

The extremes of weather are enough to cause the lips to dry. Take the case of a very hot day. The body loses a lot of fluids through sweating. If one does not take water to remain hydrated, then dehydration sets in. The lips are used to being moisturized but in this scenario, the body is dry from fluids. The lips are unusually sensitive to dehydration and will usually be the first to show the signs. They become pale and dry. There are deep cracks on the cuticle and then the flaking begins.

The winter season is also not a good time for the lips. When would expect the lips to be well moisturized but this is not always the case as the dry lips will set in. Why? Well, there is the winter wind which blows over the lips and takes away with it any moisture it comes across. Since the lips are exposed, they lose the moisture and become dry.  The dry lips become quite vulnerable to any vagaries of weather and in this case, things can only take a turn for the worse.


The kind of lifestyle one lives to a large extent influences the nature and condition of the lips. Take the case of the people whose occupation is restricted to the outdoor environment. They are always in constant exposure to harsh weather. The lips will become dry and in no time, they will crack.

Failure to take care of the lips

There are some ladies who have no time for the lips. They groom themselves save for the lips. Before the end of the day, the same lady will have talked herself dry, with no saliva to even lick the lips. The end result is that the lips suffer the most and the dry condition will inevitably set in. Yet this is a condition that can be contained by investing in a good lip balm. By applying   it on the lips before leaving the house, one is assured that they will have their lips taken care of for the rest of the day.


On some cases, the dry lips seem to run in some families. The nature and type of skin means that one will easily lose the moisture from the skin and the lips will become dry. It is important that one knows their skin type as this will prevent one from suffering from the condition. Visiting a dermatologist will best evaluate the lips and determine what is best for them. In most cases, this will greatly alleviate the condition and one will have healthy, kissable and smooth lips regardless of the skin type. Find out more from your dermatologist today.

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