Why should seriously consider using a Facial Cleanser?


By now, you must already be fully aware of the benefits of having healthy skin. However, you may still not have an idea about the best facial cleanser to use especially if you have just started your skin care regime recently. Lucky for you, below is an overview of some of the reasons why you should seriously consider making use of skin toners to cleanse your face of impurities and keep it healthy.

Just so you are aware, the benefits of facial cleansers are numerous. The most notable is the fact that the best facial cleanser is more than able to gentle rid the skin of any dirt and debris, toxins and other common surface bacteria. The initial effect is usually soothed, relaxed skin plus when used regularly, greater changes can occur within a matter of days. Keep in mind, skin texture softens and evens out while dry skin blemishes and wrinkles are easily reduced.

Cleansers also have a balancing effect during changing seasons. More specifically, during winter, there is a tendency of the skin to dry out while in summer, it produces excess oil. Good news is, facial cleansers are able to help maintain moisture even when it is cold as a result reducing excretions when the weather becomes hot.

Comparison of facial cleansers and soap

The main reason why skin are experts strongly recommend the use of a facial cleanser instead of bar soap is mainly because of the pH levels. More specifically, the outer most layer of our skin has a pH range of about 5.5, this same layer is somewhat acidic hence able to keep moisture and germs out. Facial cleansers on the other hand have a PH level that is similar to the skin ranging slightly higher than 5.5 hence able to cleanse germs without causing any kind of dryness.

Most bar soaps have been found to have a pH level of around 9 meaning they are mostly alkaline. This being the case, a bar of soap can easily strip the skin of its moisture and bring about dryness of the skin. Everything taken into consideration, the main reason why facial cleansers are way better than soap is that soap does clean the skin; however, it also removes essential moisture and strips away the acid mantle which is highly discouraged.

An Overview of how to use facial cleansers

Experts strongly advise that you should use your cleanser in your AM and PM routine. More specifically, it is strongly advised that the routine should comprise of:

  1. Facial cleanser
  2. Facial toner
  3. Moisturizer
  4. Bi-weekly Exfoliator

In addition to all of the above, in order to be able to make the facial cleanser yield even better results as far as reducing blackheads, acne, dryness of the skin and oiliness of the skin, it is imperative that you adhere to the following steps:

  1. Always wash your hands thoroughly before applying the cleanser on your face. Remove make up during the evening routine.
  2. Always apply a small amount of the cleanser between the hands and then create a lather after which you can then gently rub into the skin using the fingers.
  • In a circular motion, distribute the cleanser evenly along the neck as well as over the face cautiously stopping at the hairline after which you finalize by rinsing using water until the cleanser is completely removed.

Finish off by gently dying the face using a towel and then apply facial toner using a small ball of cotton followed by a moisturizer.

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